Fortunately, Invite is not your average catering company. Instead we are nimble, multifaceted & backed by a variety of talent leading the charge.
And so it begins...
On the fifth day of the 10th year of the new millinium (Jan, 5th 2010) we began a journey to bring great food to great people originally from or visiting the great DFW Metropolitan area. Our goal was to break the norm by exceeding the norm.
Chef V
Partner / Executive Chef
Chef V is one of Dallas/Fort Worth's best kept culinary secrets. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, her award winning blends of contemporary and International cuisine have allowed her to capture flavor expressions that are both unique and familiar.

As Executive Chef, Chef V is the visionary behind the INVITE Culinary experience.
Kris Frazier
Partner / Marketing & Strategy
With 15 years in Commercial Advertising, Brand Management and Product Design for TV, Web and Connected Devices, Kris brings unique leadership in both new business development & creative strategy.

Kris' experience also lends itself to the creative planning of events for INVITE clients.